Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Casera Venchiareit MTB

I attempted this ride last November but rain turned me back at 1400 meters.  Today I warmed up on the climb to Passo Monte Rest, then turned left onto a gravel road.  Almost immediately it starts climbing up gravel and concrete switchbacks.  After passing some tall cliffs you climb onward to 1443 meters where you start heading down.  It descends steeply for quite a while, and  I was starting to worry.  Finally at 1100 meters I reached the turnoff that climbs up to my destination at 1350 meters.

The roads are unmarked and aren't on Gaia's GPS open source maps.  I did have my Tabbacco map so I tried to meld the two together.  After 3 or 4 dead ends I reached what I think was the correct road. It had a barrier across the road, marked "Private," etc so I turned around.  That's as close as I can get on a bike. 

Now back down to 1100 meters and then the toughest climb of the day: 2.2 km averaging 11% with some 15% ramps.  I was fried by the time I got back to 1440 meters.  Luckily it's mostly downhill from there on, turning to pavement at Passo Monte Rest then switchbacking down to Tramonti di Sopra.

Fun ride.  I think I'll try parking the bike at 1400 meters next time and hiking up to Monte Costa di Paladin. 

View of Tagliamento River and mountains toward Tolmezzo

Close up of Tagliamento

Monte Rest peeking over a ridge

Very big cliffs along the trail

Mountains to north

Killer climb

End of the public road

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