Saturday, July 25, 2015

Casera Teglara MTB

Two "new" trails in Val Arzino.  From San Francesco I rode up the highway toward Sella Chianzutan. At the first switchback, turn left on gravel road and cross the bridge over the river.  The road climbs maybe 60 meters along the mountainside above the river heading upstream. You can see Pozzis through the fir trees. You descend and join the trail from Pozzis, then continue to Cascate del Arzino.   Surprised by the volume of water in the falls: 30 km away we are having a drought.

Soon you join the paved road toward Sella Chiampon.  Once you arrive take a left onto a gravel road with several trail signs, one for Casera Teglara (CAI 826).  It begins ascending steeply with concrete in some stretches and doesn't let up.  This beautiful fir forest has very little development and few visitors.

I finally arrived at Casera Teglara in the grassy highlands, where a shepherd was directing his dogs herding sheep.  Quite stormy looking so I soon departed.  A few hundred meters downslope a strong gust-front blew through the trees and I was certain I'd get soaked.  But it held off until I was on the paved road toward San Francesco where I got a light shower.  Fantastic ride.  

Upper cascata del Arzino


View toward Malga Vallon about 1200 meters

Casera Teglara 1570 meters

The flock

View to south

View north

Looming thunderheads

The climb

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