Monday, July 6, 2015

Brake check Osservatorio Astronomico

Last month I canned the front brake from my Merckx to fix my old Trek1220 so I could donate the bike to a teacher at school.  I looked for a replacement online and the best value I could find was a Campy Veloce front caliper for €17.   It arrived and today I installed it, probably the simplest thing to put on a bike.  I needed to function check it so I headed for the nearest climb, the Grizzo to Osservatorio Astronomico road, starting a mere 5 km from our house.   It's fun to climb and frankly I was a bit psyched from watching Purito rocket up Mur de Huy in the Tour de France 3rd stage.

At the end of pavement (679 meters) I turned around and headed down.  It was a blast and the brakes worked great, at least as well as the 2006 Chorus brakes the used Merckx originally came with.  The only shortcoming I noticed was squealing once the pads were roasted, so I'll try toe-in or changing to Chorus pads I have on hand.  

Fun ride- I should do this everyday!

It's a good climb, and only 3 miles from home

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