Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Via Guitcillo da Montanar

I rode down Via Pedemontane to Caneva, with a guy drafting on me from Coltura to Caneva.  This surprised me because I usually get passed, but I didn't mind because it helped me concentrate on my riding.  My mind usually wanders on the flats and I slow down too much.  From Caneva I continued to Sarmede and Montaner, where the killer climb begins.

I've climbed this on a MTB a couple of times but never with a road bike.  Very hard: the worst bits I had to walk.  Still it was fun.  The dirt and grass surface higher up was no problem.  Great views from up there: less haze than usual.  On the descent I came around a bend and a camoscio (chamois) in the road jumped about 3 meters straight up onto a cliff face.  Pretty amazing.

On the ride home I was in a daze.  I tanked up on water at Caneva so hydration wasn't a problem.  Maybe lack of electrolytes?

Anyway I'll return soon on MTB to investigate Via Val Borgo, a dirt road which also climbs up into this zone.  The easy access and remoteness of this area keep luring me back. 

Chiesa di Montaner from 500 meters

The road bike by lovely restored stone farmhouse

Chiesa di Montaner from 700 meters

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