Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bocchetta di Sant'Antonio

Beautiful and sunny today, but about 10 degrees cooler than last week.  I headed east, through San Daniele, Coloredo and Trecisimo to Faedis.  I originally planned to ride to the Slovenian border at Robidisce, but ran out of time.  I knew once I got there I'd want to continue to Napoleon's bridge and by the time I got done I'd be cutting it too close.  Still had lots of fun.  The countryside east of San Daniele is rolling green hills, several with castles on top.  At Bellazoia west of Faedis I inadvertently got on a rough dirt road, Via Stentaria.  Some Friulian mountain bikers said "Sci gu!" and laughed which I haven't looked up yet but I'm guessing is obscene.

Back on pavement I headed up through Canebola to Bocchetta di Sant'Antonio.  It's only 5 km to the border but I was uncharacteristically prudent and turned back.  Good ride home- I didn't bonk!

The road continues up to Madonnina del Domm (960 m)

View of Faedis and the plain stretching to the Adriatico

Chiesetta di Sant'Antonio; the road upward goes to Subit and Porzus,
road to Slovenia to right, road down to Faedis on left.

To north, snowy Jof di Montasio towering over the wall of Monte Musi

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