Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sella Chiampon

Finally cleared up so I headed for the hills.  I rode to Pinzano and then climbed to Anduins and the road through Val Arzino,  one of the most beautiful and uncrowded places I've ever been.  After Pielungo and San Francesco I began the climb toward Sella Chianzutan.  I thought I would continue to the top, but surprisingly the turn-off through Val Preone and Sella Chiampon was open.  Last year a huge avalanche had closed the road but now its's good as new.  I enjoyed the views, then headed down through the town of Preone to Socchieve.  Here I headed west on the main road toward Ampezzo, turning left just after Mediis toward Priuso.  Pretty good 200 meter climb here, which you immediately give back when you descend to the Tagliamento bridge.  Now the real climb starts, up the north side of Passo Monte Rest: 5.6 km averaging 8.8%, with a ramp of 14.6.  After that down to Tramonti, Meduno, Maniago and home.  Fun ride!

Looking down through beautiful Val Arzino

Close up of mountains further down the valley.

Pozzis along the Arzino

Sella Chiampon meadows (sorry about the thumb)

Sella Chianzutan peaks seen from Sella Chiampon

Peaks from another angle

The notch is Sella Chiampon (seen from Socchieve)

Waterfall at the start of climb up north side of Passo Monte Rest

Climb stats up north side of Passo Monte Rest

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