Monday, April 6, 2015

Monte San Lorenzo - Panuch

Clear, cold Pasquetta morning, with Bora winds from Trieste due in the afternoon.  I started by riding toward Fanna, then turning left on Via Vals, the road over Monte San Lorenzo.  At the high spot on the road, 470 meters, I stopped for a foto of Monte Raut then headed down the other side, steeply descending to the road coming up from Maniago along Torrente Colvera.  I skipped the turn for Frisanco, instead taking the next right for Navarons.  This rolling road along Torrente Muie is a joy to ride.  After Navarons it dips down to cross Torrente Meduna then climbs to meet the road toward Monte Rest.

At the Lago Redona dam turn left and recross the river.  Continue to Chievolis, crossing Torrente Silesia and continue up the climb to Lago Ca' Selva.  The dam water level was quite low compared to last year.  Maybe some Spring rain will make up the difference.  Cross the dam and continue on the gravel road (rideable with 23mm slicks).  Soon it becomes paved again and heads steeply upward.  Quite a tough climb: 1.2 km of 12.6% median and 17.5% max.  The high point is Panuch at 615 meters with a paved road heading down to the Strada degli Alpini trailhead.  At Panuch is the trailhead for Casera Valinis and Monte Raut.  I will try hiking this later in summer to see if I can summit on this route (from Pala Barzana I only reached Forcella Capra).

Ride home was fast though the Bora was already picking up speed.

Monte Raut from Monte San Lorenzo pass 

The higher bridge across Torrente Silisias.
Quite spindly looking from this angle.

Trail from Panuch toward Monte Raut

Top end of the lake where trail for Strada degli Alpini starts

The sluices on the left are dry, creek is low

Tough climb from dam to Panuch

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