Sunday, April 12, 2015

Via Borgo Val MTB

This is another of the killer climbs up the mountainside above Caneva, Sarmede, Fregona.  The climb starts halfway between Rugolo and Montaner in a tiny settlement called Borgo Val.  If you find Santa Barbara Orthodox Church you're in the right place.  The road is concrete and starts off with a nearly 20% wall.  It wasn't too bad on the MTB.  The concrete road switchbacks up to 500 meters elevation at a stone house called Casera Col de Fae.  

I headed back down a ways and turned onto a gravel road headed west.  This ended up at Chiesetta del Santo.  There was sign with a map showing a trail ascending to Lama Rossa, so I pushed the bike up the exposed rock until reaching another good gravel and concrete road.  This continues to Lama Col de Fae at 585 meters.  The trail (Sentiero Pagnoca, CAI 1061) resumes here but I decided to turn around.  I went a bit past the turn off for the trail to Chiesetta del Santo and soon reached Via  Guitcillo da Montanar, which I explored a bit.  Have to come back and hike from Lama Col de Fae to Casera dal Cin.   

Santa Barbara Orthodox Church, Borgo Val

View west
Casera Col de Fae

Chiesetta del Santo

Altar of chiesetta

Sentiero Pagnoca map

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