Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Monte Cereis MTB

The paved road from Meduno to Monte Valinis is a frequent local climb; I'm guessing I've done it 20 times.  But along the way several gravel roads branch off into the hills.  I've always wanted to explore them.  Today I tried the first, which veers off to the left at Chiesetta Alpini in Forchia di Meduno (630 meters).  After an intro it heads up steeply, gradually circling round the flanks of Monte Chiarandeit.  I thought there would be a trail leading to the summit (1079 meters) but I never found it.  The top looks pretty rocky so I think it may require scrambling up cliffs- will study further.

Instead, I continued  down then back up to Monte Cereis (961 meters).  The gravel road makes an interesting loop through the karst, sinkholes and trees.  At the top is a grassy pasture with a heliport marked off.

I descended back the way I'd come, taking a break at Stalla Cereis, a stone house with great views of surrounding mountains and valleys.  You can see Lago di Redona through the trees but I couldn't get a clear shot of it.  Great ride!

From near Cavasso Nuovo: left Monte Chiarandeit,
center Monte Mulon, right Monte Valinis

Frisanco, Casasola, Monte Raut

Chiesetta Alpini at Forchia di Meduno

I took the left gravel road (to Monte Chiarandeit);
the right ends at a settlement called Ferrara

View of Chiarandeit from Stalla del Bianco (hunting cabin).
It appears to be a big rock scramble with trees.

From Cereis: Cavallo Group, Poffabro, Monte Raut

View northwest

Monte Celant

Monte Raut.  Last fall I hiked up to the notch
you see below the snowcap, Forcella Capra

From Stalla Cereis: Il Von (1147m)

Stalla Cereis 

The road on cliffs above Torrente Silisia to Lago Ca'Selva

Primula bouquet surviving in a shady spot

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