Monday, June 16, 2014

Val de Lama MTB

I rode down to Dardago then climbed up past San Tome to the trailhead for Val de Lama at 550 meters.  The trail is too steep so I pushed the bike uphill.  The trail did get somewhat less steep later but it was technical and I thought I'd fall and break the bike or my body.  So I kept pushing.  This continued past the turn off for Troi dei Mui at 750 meters which descends to Mezzomonte, past the  ruins at Ciavalir (1019 meters), until the pastures just below Casera Val de Lama at 1100 meters.  A good MTBer could probably have ridden some or most of that.

The pastures are gorgeous, with wild roses, karst stone, free ranging asini, wildflowers and grass.  I rode to the junction with the paved road descending from Col di Palse.  From here I rode down nice and easy, as the front disc brake was a little gimpy.  I need to work on that.  Anyway I made it down the hill and then home.  I would not recommend biking up this trail, although a skilled technical rider should be able to descend most of it.  Still I enjoyed the fantastic scenery and got a good workout.   Not a bad day.

The cliffs above San Tome.

Too steep to ride up the trailhead

Turn off for Troi dei Mui at 750 meters

Old house ruins at Ciavalir (1019 meters)

Wild rose 1100 meters

Little herd of asini at 1100 meters

Casera Val de Lama 1100 meters

View southwest from casera

The dirt road from the casera joins the paved road to Mezzomonte

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