Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Korada is a mountaintop World War I battlefield along the Isonzo (Soča) River in Slovenia, just across the border from Italy.  I drove to the Italian village of Vinco and rode my bike into Slovenia at Neblo (71 meters elevation).  Vineyard-covered rolling hills extend in all directions as far as you can see.  After taking a wrong turn up a pretty valley, I returned and started up the climb proper.  First you reach the village Belo, then the road steepens to 10-11% for a couple of kilometers to Nozno, followed shortly by the junction with the roads coming from Drnovk and Vrhovlje.  The road has a very regular gradient now: 7-9% with no let up.  Finally nearing Korada it lessens and becomes more or less level skirting the hilltop (714 meters).  

I continued to a gravel road and tried it briefly, but the skinny road tires were no match.  I put on cleat covers and hiked briefly around the grassy wildflower meadows.  I returned on the main road and then tried a concrete road that ended after about half a km.  Now down the steep descent to Gonjace, Smartno, Zali Breg and Drnovk.  This was the most fun part of the ride- fast, curvy, rolling hills.

Must return soon- this is a great cycling area.

Soča River from near Korada

Korada meadows looking north

Toward the northeast

The view west

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