Monday, June 2, 2014

Cuel di Forchia da Cjanet MTB

This is a new route up to Cuel di Forchia starting at Cjanet, above Peonis near Tagliamento River.  Turn left off  Strada del Bottecchia and climb an easy series of switchbacks.  Much of this road has just been paved and is perfect.  Around 460 meters make a very sharp dogleg turn onto a dirt road ascending to your right.  This climbs gently for the most part up to 822 meters at the junction with the paved road fromVal Tochel to Cuel di Forchia and Avasinis.  I turned right and reached Cuel di Forchia at 877 meters.  Lots of people parked here to hike to Monte Cuar on this Italian holiday.

I cruised down to Val Tochel at 864 meters and then headed toward Monte Prat.  I took a little deviation on a road marked Val Borgna- very pretty route.  Easy descent from Monte Prat to Forgaria.  Tons of bikers out riding today.    

Giro came through Lestans 2 days ago and the decorations are still up

Cima Pala (909 meters); Fiume Tagliamento on left

Get ready to turn here at 460 meters.  It kinda snuck up on me

If you make the turn you'll be heading up this gravel road 

Here the road joins the paved road to Cuel di Forchia

From Cuel di Forchia you could also
descend this way to Avasinis

The right turn to Val Borgna

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