Friday, June 20, 2014

Col Alt

I rode the lower part of this climb to Chiesetta Alpina on Monte Castelir in January and vowed to return on my MTB to try the upper portion.  Unfortunately my MTB is waiting for a brake bleed kit, so I took the road bike instead.  After warming up on the ride to Caneva and Sarmede I turned toward Rugolo and climbed up to 250 meters.  Then turned right toward Rugoletto and Villa di Villa.  Quickly turned again, left this time at the Chiesetta Alpina sign.  Be sure to turn right at 310 meters instead of going straight ahead on a 15% stub that dead ends, like I did.

Now a pleasant surprise: the pavement on this climb was horrible last January.  As luck would have it they have paved this with fresh smooth asphalt up to 780 meters.  Miraculous really, and makes this into a road bikeable climb.  The new pavement improves traction tremendously and avoids much wasted power.  Unfortunately not enough for me though because at 530 meters I stopped to hyperventilate awhile.  Good thing too because the remaining killer gradient to Chiesetta Alpina crushed me.  I barely kept from falling over, and once I stopped my stomach felt twisted in a knot while I recovered- I couldn't drink or eat.

Finally I returned to the land of the living and resumed the climb toward Col Alt.  This road winds up through beautiful forest and a settlement of restored stone houses till 780 meters.  Here the climb leveled out and the road grew rougher to about 806 meters (Casera Dal Cin).  Then the road turned to gravel: I rode some of it, and then put on cleat covers and hiked.  After cresting at 820 meters it turned downward, passing a nice alpine pond with lily pads and very loud frogs at 798 meters.  The road winds past more restored stone houses and finally reaches Parco Carbonai and Strada del Patriarca, the old paved road from Villa di Villa to Il Cansiglio.  Fun descent to Villa di Villa, then home.  I will return on the mountain bike soon and ride up to the summit of Col Alt (866 meters) and visit the monument to resistance fighters who fought the Nazis. 

Info about the adjacent trail:

The fresh asphalt from Chiesetta Alpina to Col Alt

One of the restored stone houses above 700 meters

Trees near 780 meters

Casera Dal Cin

Beautiful decoration on the casera's door
Stella alpina and ginziana painted on shutters

Parco Carbonai picnic ground

Junction with paved Strada del Patriarca

Col Alt (866m) with monument at the summit

Castello di Cordignano ruins above Villa di Villa

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