Thursday, June 12, 2014

Monte Pala MTB

Monte Pala is a high point on the ridge above Clauzetto and Pradis.  It has an unusual shape, like a circular mound and is recognizable from far away on  the plain.  On a clear day you can see it from the airbase near Roveredo.  

I MTB'ed to Meduno and Travesio then started the climb.  After Clauzetto continue upward toward Pradis di Sopra until the right turn marked Rope, Zuaniers, Fraspedane, Ueres.  This newly paved road takes you steeply up to the right turn for Malga Polpazza.  This narrow lane switches back and forth from asphalt to dirt to concrete.  The forest and meadows you pass through during the ascent are peaceful and wild.  Above 1100 meters the trail steepens and it's tough to get traction.  Finally it tops out around 1192 meters in a grassy, scrubby flat area.  There are numerous antennas and repeaters up here.  Also Malga Polpazza, deserted today but looking like it gets a crowd during tourist season.

I took it easy on the ride down, careful to avoid falling.  Then the long ride home, along the edge of the sweltering plain.  I was very glad to reach the house and take a relaxing bath.  This is a fun ride- also a good hiking trail.  I snowshoed it with my terrier Rocky 18 years ago, though the only details I remember are it was snowy and I had to carry my tough little dog down because he was so worn out.       

Monte Rossa to the north

Tagliamento River on the plain to southeast

Meduna River to southwest

Pradis directly below and big peaks to the west in the distance

Malga Popazza, cow stalls on left, the human quarters on right 

 Wooden gate in stone wall around meadow;
mountains to northeast in background 

More of the stone-walled meadows with mountains 

Grassy meadows with Monte Pala in background

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