Friday, June 6, 2014

Forca di Pani / Lauco

Today a couple of climbs from 3 years ago that I'm finally revisiting, this time from west to east.  I drove to Tolmezzo and warmed up on SS52 to Ampezzo.  Here you turn right by the church toward Voltois.  After a brief descent to Torrente Lumei the climb begins.  In the next 5 kilometers you climb 643 meters, averaging 13.8% gradient, with stretches of 19%.  Normally I would have had to stop to rest several times but I have a new 11-30 Centaur cogset and I was able to ride all the way up.  From Forca di Pani (1111 meters) you descend steeply to a beautiful area of rolling pastureland, Pani di Raveo.  I took Via Macelis, a different more-northerly route than 3 years ago, very fun saliscendi through the fir forest with a final plunge to the village of Raveo.  From here you glide down a wide new road to Villa Santina.

At Villa Santina starts the climb to Lauco.  This is an excellent stack of switchbacks with very regular gradient (7-8%) for 7 kilometers.  I stayed in the 27 cog all the way up.  Around 870 meters you peak and descend to Vinaio.  3 years ago I rode to end of pavement at Val di Lauco (1180 meters) but not today; in a few weeks I hope to ride that route on mountain bike to Monte Zoncolan and Arvenis.  We'll see how it works out.

Today instead  I did a hellish series of climb/descents through Plugna (991 meters) Buttea (924 meters) and Fusea.  From Fusea down the switchbacks to Caneva, and across Torrente But to Tolmezzo.   Great ride!

View west from Voltois
After the inferno of Forca di Pani you arrive in this paradise

Warning: bears, goats and humans 

Pani di Raveo
Pani di Raveo close up 

The view toward the east
Southeast: Villa Santina and Tagliamento 

Guado in the forest: steep slippery climb up opposite bank
Wood rail fence in pasture

Country house

Wide pastureland to north

Fir forest

Tiny church with Zoncolan and Arvenis in background

Village of Raveo

I was tired after Lauco- this was the only photo I took:
bike route to Curiedi

11-30 Centaur cogset

The deadly stats for Forca di Pani climb

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