Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Zoppe di Cadore

Last year I rode to Zoppe di Cadore after climbing over Forcella Cibiana in both directions.  But my camera battery died so I got no pictures.  Today I tried again.  Instead of driving I rode from home, leaving about 6 AM and  following Valcellina to Passo San Osvaldo (822 meters) descending to Longarone on the Piave River (460m) Then climbing along the beautiful gorge of Torrente Maè to Forno di Zoldo (1000m).  Here you turn and ride through a series of lovely hill towns with wooden balconies and eye-popping flowers.  Then you enter an undeveloped wilderness: mountains covered with tall spruces, white water Ru Torto roaring far below, and a steep road hauling you ever higher till Zoppe di Cadore (1482m).  This is another pretty village, with a huge mountain looming overhead, Monte Pelmo (3168m).  Today it was engulfed in clouds, so I couldn't get a picture of it, but it was spectacular last time I was here (with dead camera battery).

I was now half-way done with my ride at 77 km.  Luckily the return has much more descending, though you still must climb from Longarone, past Vajont dam to Passo San Osvaldo.  Not too hot at noon today so it wasn't bad  A long ride but very enjoyable.  I'll try again later to catch Pelmo on a clear day.    

Little church at Zoppe di Cadore

You can make out a little bit of Pelmo above town, but not much

Dolomite peaks from the road descendin from Zoppe di Cadore

Beautiful old hay drying sheds with lattice work
to allow air flow 

Church on a hill outside Forno di Zoldo

Pretty chapel at Dozza

Big Dolomite peaks south of Forno di Zoldo

Pretty waterfall along road near Soffranco  

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