Monday, July 22, 2013

Col Visentin MTB

I've ridden from Vittorio Veneto up to end of pavement at Pian dei Grassi (1200 meters) several times, but couldn't go further because of the rough dirt road.  Today I tried to continue to the summit on my mountain bike.  It's a pretty rough road but the gradient is manageable, the worst being some 10-13% stretches.  The scenery is first sun-exposed slopes, then a bit of spruce forest, followed by rolling grassy meadows.  It was hazy today with fog billowing up the cliffs from Lago del Restello and Lago Morto, so visibility was limited.  I imagine on a crisp autumn day before the snow arrives it would be incredible.  At the top Col Visentin (1745m) is an antenna farm  and rifugio but I skipped those and headed toward Monte Faverghera.  

You soon are crossing meadows full of wildflowers, really spectacular.  The road on this side has some nice concrete stretches but also some very rough road, basically a rock pile.  Moderate your speed because I got going a little too fast, went over a one-foot drop and fell on landing.  No harm done, but a good wake up call.  After Rifugio Briscot (1616m)  you just keep descending until eventually arriving at Casera Faverghera (1549).   This is the start of pavement again, curving down to Nevegal then  Quantin,  where I  turned for Cornolade on Lago di Santa Croce.  From here easy climb over Sella Fadalto and down to Vittorio Veneto.  

Oh, I must credit Jack for mentioning the connecting road from Visentin to Faverghera- I had no idea that existed .    

Spruce forest at 1370 meters; fresh air

View of Col Visentin in a clear moment

Getting closer, and a bit cloudier

The mountains stretching west toward Feltre

Look back at the twisty road, with Monte Cesen (1570m) in background

Headed toward Faverghera, looking toward Belluno and Piave River

Pretty wildflowers along the road

Looking back from Faverghera toward Col Visentin


  1. Amo il tuo blog! Vivo in Olanda, ma ogni estate torno in Friuli e preparo i giri in bici prima di venire giu'. Il tuo blog mi ha fatto scoprire dei posti bellissimi! Grazie mille!

    Lorenzo da Amsterdam