Saturday, July 6, 2013

Breginj and Logje

Today I finally tried a route I've wondered about for a couple of years.  There are two roads into Slovenia in the Prealpi Giulia area north of Cividale that might connect and even be paved, creating a new loop.  Had to check it out.

After warming up from Attimis to Nimis I headed up Val Cornappo.  This is beautiful shady ride until the ponte over Rio Gorgons where the climbing begins.  In the next 6 km you gain 400 meters elevation and then descend to beautiful grassy meadows of Campo di Bonis.  From here you climb again to Passo di Sant'Antonio at 774 meters and then descend again to the town of Platischis.  The road continues descending all the way to Ponte di Vittorio Emanuele, crossing Fiume Natisone into Slovenia.

Here begins the unknown part of the ride, which starts climbing through spruce forest, gaining 220 meters in 3.5 km up to Breginj, a pretty village surrounded by mountains.  The road descends and climbs repeatedly until arriving in Logje, an even smaller town above the Nadiža River (Slovenian name for the Natisone).  A steep twisty corkscrew takes you down to the wooden bridge crossing the Nadiža, where the toughest climb of the day begins.  You gain 320 meters in 4 km with several 15-16% ramps, until reaching the village of Robidišče on the border.  After a brief  easy stretch you do one more push up to Bocchetta di Sant'Antonio (784 meters).

From here you descend the curvy road through Canebola to Faedis, and take the main road back to Attimis.  Fun ride with many possible variations.

Gran Monte from meadows of Campo di Bonis 

Matajur from Ponte Vittorio Emanuele over Fiume Natisone

Breginj chapel  with Stol (1673m)

Church tower at Breginj

Little church at Logje with Vogu (1124m)

Nadiža River from wooden bridge below Logje

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