Friday, July 19, 2013

Casera Rupeit MTB, Hike

Casera Rupeit is a pastoral area on the mountain above Montereale Valcellina.  It's easy to access via the paved road climbing past Monte Spia to the Osservatorio Astronomico, then hiking or mountain biking up the gravel road to CAI 988 trailhead at 1015 meters.   From here on it's a steep, twisty hiking trail up to Casera Rupeit at 1276 meters (I parked my bike and hiked up) .

Great views from here of the surrounding peaks, Lago di Ravedis, and the plain.  About 2 hours round trip by MTB/foot from our house.

Lago di Ravedis from 900 meters

Looking down at Zuccul Supigna (1058m)

Pala d'Altei (1528m) with chrome cross on top

Monte Raut, Monte Fara and Lago di Ravedis

Lago Di Ravedis hidden behind the hills above Monterale Valcellina

Ricovero di Casera Rupeit with Casera Valfredda in left background

Our village, Giais

Beautiful cliffs

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