Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Valle Friz da Mezzomonte MTB

Today I'm attempting the climb from Coltura (55 meters) up to Mezzomonte and on to Valle Friz (1522 meters) on my mountain bike.  I got a late start and the sun was already blazing when I reached Coltura.  At Mezzomonte's cemetery (427 meters) you turn left and start the long slog.  Climbing this on my road bike in Spring I remember the steepness killing my legs, and then having to stand more so it killed my lungs too.  On the MTB the legs are no problem because I was spinning my granny gear most of the way, but the heat, and breathing hard to maintain the pace, took their toll.  Either way, you must suffer.

The only part I couldn't ride up was the upper part of the killer concrete ramp, around 1270 meters.  I was standing and grinding the granny gear, and thought "this is stupid, I could push the bike faster," so I did.  At the top of this climb (1345 meters) you join the rocky road from Cansiglio to Piancavallo.   Looming thunderheads were blocking the sun with a cold wind, which felt wonderful.  I continued on through Valle Friz, Casera Campo, and then joined the paved road up to Piancavallo.  I descended to Bornass and took the back way down to Costa.  This is a great ride and very strenuous.  

Wild roses around 1200 meters

Honey bee visiting the wild roses

Looking back down the concrete ramp of death;
the upper half is over 17-18% 

Immediately after concrete ramp you hit steep
asphalted road immersed in trees.  Cooler, but still deadly.

Thunderheads above karst formations in Valle Friz

Upper section of Val Grande, just below Valle Friz

Lower section of Val Grande; this gorge branches off of
Val di Croda di San Tome north of Dardago

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