Thursday, July 4, 2013

Losego da Cornolade

A last minute decision where to ride today, as weather forecast kept changing and I needed to get home early to take Marilyn to 4th of July festivities.  I truncated my plan to climb Nevegal, instead opting to explore Cornolade.  I've passed by the turnoff dozens of times, curious where it went. So today after ascending from Vittorio Veneto to Lago di Santa Croce I turned under the railroad tracks and up the steep climb.  From the map I was expecting a series of steep switchbacks but instead climbed a randomly curving, fairly steep lane up to Roncan and Col, just shy of 600 meters.  Here started a beautiful traverse/slight climb across the grassy slopes to Losego at 710 meters, with spectacular views across the meadows toward the mountains north of Belluno.  I headed south to Quantin (750 meters) and then back toward the turnoff for Cornolade.  Now I found the missing tornanti- steeply twisting back down toward the little bridge over Rio Maggiore.  This is a very curious stream, which has carved out a mini-canyon through sandstone strata.  Apparently it gets much larger downstream .  Back at the lakeside I pedaled fast as I could back down to Vittorio Veneto.  Quite a fun ride.   

Lago Santa Croce from road to Cornolade Basso

Monte Pelf (2502 meters) across the grassy meadows

Monte Dolada (1939 meters),  right, with
 Piave River valley stretching to the north

Cugnan's campanile with Monte Pelf above

Dolomiti Bellunesi stretching across the horizon

Rio Maggiore carving some sandstone

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