Sunday, March 10, 2013

Val Ciadula

Finally the rain let up a little today and merely drizzled.  I rode up Valcellina; after Barcis at Arcola the rain picked up a bit but still not bad.  I decided I would continue to Claut and then return home.  As I entered Claut I noticed a little road winding way up the hillside and thought "Too bad- if it wasn't raining I would try that."  I did a little lap around the centro of Claut and the rain stopped.  So when I returned to the turn off I decided to go for it.  The road is marked Via Grava Ruggero at first, then becomes Via Creppi.  The narrow farm road winds steeply up the hillside through wild stretches alternating with small groups of farmhouses with pasture.  In a couple of spots the road was snowed over so I charged through it until the bike stopped and then carried it a few meters.  The fun finally ended at 819 meters where the pavement ended and turned into a rocky trail.  Going down was hairy because the brakes were iced over.  I stopped and cleaned them after each snowy stretch but the steepness (16% at times) kept me from slowing down real well until I reached a flatter spot.

The ride home was wonderful- slightly downhill almost the whole way so felt like flying.  The new Pearl Izumi windstopper gloves were absolutely dry inside- very impressed.  My old neoprene shoe covers still let some water in though, I think after 15 years they may deserve retirement.

End of pavement at 819 meters

Looking back down Val Ciadula toward Claut

View of Claut from Creppi
View toward Valcellina from Creppi

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