Sunday, March 3, 2013

San Tome

The ascent from Torrente Artugna bridge (80m) below Budoia to end of pavement (565m) above Dardago is one of the best training climbs I know.  You climb 485 meters in 8 km, very easy grade at first, gradually increasing till it sustains 10-11% for several stretches before Il Chalet restaurant.  The very top section eases a bit until end of pavement.  I've heard you can continue on mountain bike all the way up to the ridge between Piancavallo and Il Cansiglio, but you must dismount for much of the steepest loose-rocky stretches.

Today I tried something new.  Often when riding I reach a trail I want to explore but the surface is unrideable and I can't hike in road bike shoes, even with cleat covers.  So today I wore my Deuter backpack and brought some sneakers.  When I descended to San Tome trailhead (by parking lot of Il Chalet and rock climbing school) I locked my bike and wheels to a signpost, changed shoes and walked to San Tome.  Very cool cliffs (croda) here, with the sorgente del Artugna and XII century San Tome church to see.  Would love to hike further down the east bank of Torrente Artugna next time. 

Crystal cear waters of sorgente del Artugna

The croda looming above

XII century church of San Tome

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