Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rifugio Bornass

Not sure why I waited 18 months to check this road after it was washed out by flooding.  It's only 3 miles from my house but somehow it never occurred to me.  But today I had a spur of the moment impulse and rode up there.  It hasn't been repaired yet, but it is passable on a bike if you put on some cleat covers and carry your bike along the edge a little way.  After that, it's a peaceful climb up to 784 meters, then a fast descent down the main road from Piancavallo.  The road was wet so I took it easy on the bends, but still hit 75 kph on the straight stretch.  What a great workout!

The barrier at 412 meters; you can climb over/around it on foot

A view into the abyss
Just carry your bike along the right edge

Looking back with relief at surviving

The second washout, on the west side of Torrente Ossena

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