Saturday, March 23, 2013

Troi dei Vuolth

Head north from Selva on foot to end of the gravel road (near our wideband repeater on a disused WW II bunker).  Head up the trail signed Troi dei Vuolth and follow the trail up to the alpine meadows at Baitola Polo.  There are great views from here of the mountains above, the plain below, and steep scree canyons on either side.  Next time I'll  continue on the Troi dei Vuolth to Palussa, another mountain cabin for hikers.

Tried out the trekking poles my mountain-running friend Doug recommended.  They're great- let you use upper body muscles to augment lower body when climbing, and help with balance when descending.  Love 'em.

Cavern high in Li Gravis canyon 

Selva from 800 meters

Valfreddo (1307 meters)

This ridge at 1300 meters obscures view of
Monte Ciastelat (1641 meters) on other side

Pala Fontana high above (1637 meters)

Baitola Polo (813 meters)

Framoso canyon/scree slope

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