Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Col Scussat

Test ride for new FSA integrated seat pillar on the Viner Maxima- works great.  This one is a bit heavier and beefier than the original which broke a few weeks ago.  I don't mind an extra ounce if it keeps my saddle from falling off on a high-speed descent.

I intended to do the usual climb up to Mezzomonte with its 4.2 km averaging 9%.  Then I reached the cemetery at 468m and had an overwhelming urge to turn off and follow the little mountain road I "discovered" in December.  This time at 534m I turned right onto a side road.  It climbed some more and then, above Mezzomonte's campanile, turned into a dirt road.  The road wasn't too bad, but too rocky for 23mm slicks.  Still I kept going until around 640m when the dirt road turned into a hiking trail, Troi dei Mui.  You could do it on a mountain bike but I think I'll go back and hike it from the opposite end.  It connects to the road above San Tome and Dardago, then climbs up to Col Scussat at 711 meters, then down to the dirt road I travelled today.

The descent was very fun as always.  Great ride.

Troi dei Mui starts here and climbs Col Scussat
Looking down from the dirt road at Mezzomonte's campanile 

New FSA integrated seat pillar 

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