Thursday, March 21, 2013

Giro del Prosecco

Paul Kim showed me this route last year and I'm finally getting round to riding it solo.  After Vittorio Veneto you climb up over peaceful Passo di San Lorenzo.  Then you coast down to Tarzo, up again along the ridge to Resera, and down to Rolle.  Here begins a beautiful little winding road down through the bottom of a valley covered with prosecco vines.  You continue down to 186 meters on Via Molinetto, then begin to climb up through  Refrontolo and along the ridge to San Pietro di Filetto.  Here starts a beautiful loopy series of 8 tornanti gliding down through the prosecco vines to the intersection with the main road from Tarzo to Conegliano.  Go straight across and continue to Cozzuolo, then descend to Vittorio Veneto.

Amazingly at Vittorio Veneto I caught a tailwind pushing me at 30+ kph all the way to Fiaschetti.  From there up the hills and home.  Wonderful first ride of Spring. 

Looking back at church and Monte Pizzoc
from Passo di San Lorenzo

Bare prosecco vines from the ridge above Rolle

Cascade at Rolle

Some of the tornanti below San Pietro di Filetto 

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