Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Val Muié - Val Colvera

Tomorrow the rains return, so had to get one last ride in.  I left at noon but the temp was still -1℃.  Had on neoprene overboots, Gekko Gear pants, and triple gloves, so didn't get cold.

Cruised through Fanna and Cavasso Nuovo then up Val Meduna.  After some rolling hills, dove down and crossed the Meduna River, then the steepish climb up to Navarons.  After a bit more climbing, you reach Val Muié, a mostly uninhabited valley connecting the Meduna with Val Colvera.  It's a heavily wooded, curvy, rolling ride, silent except for rushing Torrente Muié far below.  It ends with a steep climb-out to Poffabro, where folks were setting up a bonfire for tonight- the annual bonfire/burn-the-witch-in-effigy festival every village has on Epiphany eve.  Everybody drinks cups of hot wine and enjoys the warmth of the fire.

I then rode down Val Colvera, and stopped in Bus di Colvera gorge to snap some pictures of ice and white water.  Then down the hill to Maniago, through the piazza to Maniago Libero, across the Cellina at Ravedis, and home through Montereale.  Fun ride!

Road thru Val Muié 

Setting up the Falò below Monte Raut

3-meter icicle over road in Bus di Colvera

Waterfall Bus di Colvera

Falling water Bus di Colvera

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