Monday, January 3, 2011

Alta Livenza

Decided to stick to the plains on this cold sunny day.  Rode south on the slight downgrade to San Quirino, then west through Roveredo, Ceolini, Vigonovo to Fiaschetti.  Stopped to take some pictures of the Livenza River from the bridge near Fiaschetti.

There's a little climb at Fiaschetti to Sarone, which I've passed by hundreds of times but never ridden.  It's a nice easy ascent gaining maybe a hundred meters through the houses and shops of Sarone.  Here it joins the road coming down from Il Cansiglio and descends to Via Pedemontane Occidentale.

I stopped at La Santissima to get a picture of the spring where the Livenza River starts.  Hard to see in the picture, but the river is coming up from out of the ground at the base of the mountain.   A few kilometers further is Gorgazzo underwater cave, with an enormous flow of water from deep in the mountain gushing out.  These two waterways merge near San Floriano nature park, in the colline of Polcenigo.  Great places to visit if you're ever in the area.

Maybe someday soon I'll ride again to Villa Varda south of Brugnera, where the Livenza flows crystal-clear through the grounds of the villa, with large bunches of bright green aquatic grass swaying with the current.  Really beautiful place.  From there the river flows to the Adriatic Sea, forming the estuary at Caorle.

Fiume Livenza near Fiaschetti, looking south

Fiume Livenza looking north toward the mountains

La Santissima spring, source of the Livenza

Water gushing from Gorgazzo underwater cave soon joins the Livenza

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  1. Bill, It looks like you have been getting in some great rides despite the Winter weather. Happy & Healthy New Year to you and your Bride, Gil