Tuesday, January 18, 2011

San Foca - Cavasso Nuovo

After my near-death bonk on Sunday, I decided to take an easy flat ride today.  Headed down through San Leonardo toward San Foca, when a fog bank hit around 170 meters.  Very dense and wet.  I turned east at San Foca, crossed the Magredi della Cellina, and entered Vivaro.  It was so foggy I actually got turned around in Vivaro and started to go the wrong way.  Luckily I got back on track for Tesis.  The very gradual climb to Tesis was just enough to get me out of the fog- it's sunny again!

After Tesis, Arba and Colle, I turned west again at Cavasso Nuovo.  Rode fast as possible, down through Maniago, Ponte di Ravedis, and Montereale.  

Probably would have been better to avoid the fog by going via Campagna to Arba.  But then I wouldn't have been dazzled by the sunlit, gleaming scenery after emerging from the fog.

Waiting for Friulian bullet train to cross

Monte Rest from Arba

Monte Rest (1780 m) from Orgnese

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