Monday, January 31, 2011

Andreis - Barcis backroads

Decided to do a little exploring around Andreis and Barcis today.  Headed to Montereale, over Lago di Ravedis, through the 4 km tunnel, and then turned toward Andreis.  Before Andreis, I took a left turn up the steep twisty climb through Prapiero and Alcheda.  A large black Irish wolfhound sauntered toward me and I told him how bravo he was and he decided not to bite off my leg- just sniffed it instead.  A young lady with baby said Bon di to me and scolded the naughty dog.  Then the road was roadblocked because of a big slump which dropped a section of pavement down the hill.  I bypassed the slump with a bit of mountain biking and ended back on the road.  The road descended rapidly, then crossed Torrent Ledron on a narrow bridge, followed by a killer climb up to Andreis (just shy of 20%).

I stopped by the raptor recovery center, where injured birds are nursed back to health.  The views from up here were spectacular in every direction.  Cruised back down to the main road along Torrente Alba.  I tried one more little road, which after a nice climb ended in a dead end.

Back down the main road to the bridge under SP251, to the chasm where the Alba, Molassa, and Cellina rapids join in a jumble of water-carved rock.  Here I took the back road over Dint, a hill the highway tunnels under.  At Lake Barcis, I rode through town, then turned up toward Roppe.  On the steepest bit (maybe 18%?) I encountered another large dog, this time a very fluffy Teruvian.  His owner scolded him and he aborted the attack on my leg with inches to spare.  Good boy!

I was hoping to get some photos of the lake from above but there are so many trees at this level it wasn't possible.  I'll come back and hike up a bit higher above the tree-zone to get some pics.

Monte Raut 2025m

Monte Castello 1923m

Monte Corta 1760m

Peaks along west escarpment of Val Cellina

Raptor recovery center above Andreis

Ice fall at chasm of Torrente Alba

Grade of the ride 

Elevation profile

Route above Andreis

Route above Barcis

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