Friday, January 14, 2011

Val Cellina

Finally the sun popped out today so time to ride.  Got a late start (*see below) and  I had promised Marilyn I'd be home to take the dogs for a walk by 1400, so couldn't go too  far.

I rode up through Montereale, across Lago di Ravedis, through the long tunnels to Lake Barcis.   Very little traffic, sunny, cold but not freezing, and no wind.  After Barcis I continued up through the river gorge, crisscrossing on bridges above the white water. It's a nice steady upgrade.

A couple of changes since my last time here.  They're building a narrow suspension bridge below Contron- maybe this will give access to trails on the upper east bank of the Cellina.  Also they've finished the new stone arch bridge near the junction of the main road and the cutoff for Claut.

At the junction my time was running out so I turned around.  Rode fast as possible all the way home.  It's downhill almost all the way- great fun.

*Got a late start because a couple of days ago, I heard a pssst sound and went out on the porch- the rear tire tube blew after sitting there for a week.  I matched the hole up to the previously damaged sidewall (from Passo di Pura last fall).  So I put on a new Michelin Krylion tire this morning.  Pro Race 3's ride great but aren't made for the torn-up roads I ride.

Also, having reloaded my Garmin firmware last week, today I had problems getting the GPS to work.  Took a few stops, resets, etc to get it going, wasting more time.  Next time I'll leave earlier and ride to Passo San Osvaldo or Claut.  

West escarpment of Val Cellina reflected in Lake Barcis

Looking farther north along the escarpment

Looking southeast toward Monte Raut 

Fog creeping up the gorge, over the dam, onto Lake Barcis

Crep Nudo (2200 m)


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