Sunday, January 23, 2011


Cloudless calm day with temps around 0℃.  Rode down the slightly down-sloping farmroad to Tesis for an easy warm up, then turned east on the new road from San Foca to Spilimbergo.  It's smooth, wide, and has bridges over the Cellina, Colvera, Meduna and Cosa- avoiding the guadi (fords) where the old road crossed the riverbeds.  These were impassable after heavy rains, and the pavement often was swept away, making them dusty and rough the rest of the year.

South of Spilimbergo, the new road ends and a well-paved but narrower main road takes you to  Spilimbergo.  I thought I'd go around on the bypass, but a car was going straight so I couldn't turn, so rather than waiting a few seconds, I rode into town.  Very pretty old town.  It's famous for its mosaic makers (who have mosaics around the world- I remember one in Washington DC).   Also has lovely old buildings in the centro, and a castello (which I'll have to get some pictures of next time- got a late start today).

Rode home on the main road to Maniago (not too busy because big trucks are forbidden on Sundays).  Nice flat ride, good workout.

Large mosaic covering exterior wall of Chiesa di San Giuseppe e Pantaleone

Tower in the old city walls in Spilimbergo

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