Thursday, June 17, 2010

Farra d'Alpago - il Cansiglio

 Another route to the altopiano del Cansiglio after a long ride from home. This one climbs from Farra d'Alpago, at 400 meters on the shore of Lago di Santa Croce, to Spert at 922 meters. The first 5 km climbs 450 meters, averaging 9.3%. After Spert (with a beautiful panorama of Lago di Santa Croce and the mountains of Belluno), the road dives down to a bridge over the Perosa, then climbs steeply back up to Campon, 1043 meters. All of this is engulfed in wonderful, dense forest. Not too long after Campon you arrive at the meadows of Pianosteria. From here to La Crosetta (1127 meters) lay wide green meadows, thick swathes of forest, all surrounded by a circle of mountains. It really is spectacular (pics here from ride in April) .

The descent to Sarone and climb home went well. Threatening black thunderheads never bore rain- just a light drizzle in the last kilometer in our hometown, the butt of many jokes about being the local rain magnet.

Map of the climb

Elevation of the ride

Grade from Farra d'Alpago (60 km) to Spert (66 km) and Campon (70 km)

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