Saturday, June 5, 2010

Monte Pizzoc

This is really two climbs, stacked one atop the other. The first climbs from Vittorio Veneto to Passo La Crosetta at 1118 meters, a 17 km ascent at average grade 5.8%. Then a kilometer from La Crosetta starts the second climb to Monte Pizzoc at 1536 meters, up 6.5 kilometers of average 6.7% grade.

To start, I rode down Via Pedemontane Occidentale until Caneva, then the back way to Sarmede. There is a short steep climb from Sarmede to Rugolo averaging 11%, then a gradual ascent up to Fregona. It's a beautiful cliffside road. At Osigo it joins the main road from Vittorio Veneto to Il Cansiglio. This is a wide well-paved road, with nice tornanti and only one 0.5 km stretch of 11% average grade.

Toward the end the road is engulfed in beautiful forest. It briefly joins the main road coming up from Sarone, then arrives at La Crosetta. I coasted from here down to the turn-off for Monte Pizzoc. This climb starts with a steep couple of kilometers at average 7.8%. The road is narrow with frequently broken pavement. The surrounding forest looks different here- the beech trees are larger and farther apart than down near La Crosettta.

After a nice middle section of 6%, the road goes back to 10% and exits the forest onto a grassy bald mountain. Low flying clouds were billowing around the rolling grassy knolls. A big flock of sheep and goats accompanied by asini were on the left side, enjoying lunch in the cloud bank. Further up, a family of beautiful horses wearing bells were enjoying their unfenced pastureland. One foal was drinking her mother's milk, another was gamboling around. I continued to the top, which was completely socked-in. I'll have to climb this mountain again on a clear day- I've read the views are awesome.

Now I descended all the way down past Sarone to Via Pedemonte. Then another 25 kilometers with 300 meters of climbing home.

The horses in the clouds

Two foals on Monte Pizzoc

Beautiful horse with bell atop Monte Pizzoc

Map of the climbs



  1. Bill, Nice pictures! Did you buy a new camera yet? If so, what did you get? The horses remind me of the island off Virginia where they cull wild horses or ponies every year or so. I think my son, his wife, her sister, sister's husband and kid went there on Memorial Day weekend.

  2. No, still using the old heavy beast. I'm waiting to this one either gets caught in the rain or dropped to get a new one.

    I'd love to see those horses in the surf. Must be quite a sight!