Saturday, June 12, 2010

Monte Rest da Priuso

I've ridden this route in the clockwise direction before, but had never tried it counterclockwise. I'd read the climb from the north is much harder than from the south, so thought I'd try it and see.

I remembered the Sella Chiampon road was closed last time I rode, so I figured I'd go over Sella Chianzutan instead. I rode up the tornanti at Anduins, up the beautiful Val d'Arzino and to the start of the climb to Sella Chianzutan. I overtook a guy who was going slow, and a fast guy passed me. Then at the turnoff for the road to Sella Chiampon, there was a barricade and some guys making everyone turn around.

Turns out today is the annual car race, a hill climb from Tolmezzo to Sella Chianzutan. They wouldn't let the fast guy pass unless he paid €8 to watch the race. I saw this and decided to try the closed road to Sella Chiampon. It was still messed up from the winter landslides, but passable. After awhile the fast guy caught up and asked me "dove vai?" I told him Monte Rest, and he took off like a rocket. I continued on the beautiful backroad, and was glad the race had closed the other road. This one avoids some towns and a longer drive on SS-52, a busy road with too many tourists, campers, etc. I was also glad to be doing the 20% grades downhill. Much easier.

After a short ride through Socchieve on SS-52, I turned off toward Monte Rest. There is a small climb first- Forcella Priuso. It's only 3 km long and gains 200 meters, with 6.5% average grade. Then you descend to a bridge across the Tagliamento. Now the climb up Monte Rest starts, 7.6 km with an elevation gain of 550 meters, averaging 7.2%. It was beautiful with many streams and waterfalls, switchbacks, a steady 8-11% grade, nice shady beech and fir trees, and fantastic views of the Tagliamento and surrounding mountains.

After a snack at the Passo, I headed down the tornanti to Tramonti. Then along the blue green lake to Meduno, and the flat ride home. I like the ride in this direction too- it seems two completely different rides.

Waterfalls on Arzino above San Francesco

Waterfall on Arzino above San Francesco

Wildflowers near Sella Chiampon

Wildflowers and chiesetta, Passo Chiampon

Waterfall along climb up Monte Rest

Waterfall on Rio Novarchis above Tramonti di Sopra

Map of climbs

Ride elevation

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