Thursday, June 24, 2010

Collalto - Pala Barzana

Decided to do this ride starting from Pedemonte (171 meters) up to Collalto (1367 meters). The weather was fairly cool, and I felt strong enough to try climbing it seated. That lasted until the stretch of 12-14% from 600 to 650 meters. After that I was again able to remain seated until a length of 12% just below Collalto. It was cloudy and nippy at the top, but further down the backroad towards Barcis the sun peeped out and temps climbed a bit. Really beautiful descent with the white water of Torrente Caltea providing the sound track.

After Barcis I headed up again toward Pala Barzana. The climb felt easy by comparison with Piancavallo. Again, a wonderful descent through the forest to Poffabro. I was a bit late (appointment to take Marilyn shopping) so I skipped the sightseeing at Bus di Colvera and rode as fast as possible through the tunnels. Fun!

After Maniago, the old road to Montereale via Ravedis has finally been reopened after being blocked for roadwork since last year. They've paved it and fixed the old bridges over the torrenti rushing down the side of Monte Fara. Now we have an alternative to the new flat bridge.

Good work out, great scenery!


  1. Just ran across your blog. I've been in the Aviano area about 8 1/2 months and the cycling has been quite the adventure. I wanted to ride so bad back in December/January I would put on 3 layers and roll around on Mountain Highway and freeze. Anyway, I'll be looking for your Merckx out there on the road. I just got a Pinarello Dogma. Sort of like riding a rocket compared to my Specialized Roubaix (2006). Later.
    Lance Carlson

  2. The Dogma is a sweet ride- now and then an Italian guy on a Dogma passes me like I'm standing still. I am not worthy!

    You're right, this really is cycling paradise. How many places have a Giro d'Italia summit (Piancavallo) available as a lunchtime training ride?