Monday, June 14, 2010

Pala Barzana - Barcis

Rainy day- I was ready to go at 0900, but a rain shower blew over and put me on hold. At 1000 the sun popped back out so I jumped on the bike and took off. As I started up the Val Colvera I noticed the river was really full and churning. The water was chocolate milk brown from all the rain runoff. I enjoyed the roar as I climbed through the Bus di Colvera. At Poffabro I climbed up the tornanti and then continued to Pian delle Merie. A couple of Harleys rumbled by me, the only traffic I saw on the climb.

I climbed the two lower series of tornanti, only standing after the last switchback for a few hundred meters at 11%. At 600 meters there was a light rain, maybe condensing mist. It kept me nice and cool. All of the little streams were full of rainwater and quite noisy in the quiet of the fir forest. At the highpoint, 840 meters I didn't even stop, just got a drink and headed down toward Andreis. Descended slowly as there was much loose rock and debris in the road. At Barcis I turned right, through the 1 km tunnel to the bridge at the base of the lake. I thought about trying for Piancavallo, as originally intended before the rain delay, but I would have been late getting home and taking Marilyn to the store. I'll save the double climb for another day. I consoled myself with some exploring around Monte Dint and the Fora del Cellina- beautiful!

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