Monday, April 19, 2010

Lago Santa Croce - Il Cansiglio

Beautiful climb up to Lago Santa Croce, and then onward up to Il Cansiglio. After a long warm-up on Via Pedemontane Occidentale to Vittorio Veneto, I headed up the climb to San Floriano, Nove, Lago Morto, Fadalto, and finally Santa Croce. Really gorgeous panorama there ( see previous visit in January ).

I rode along the east shoreline to Farra d'Alpago, then turned upward again, through Cornei, Borsoi and Tambre. It's a wide smooth road, with a few stretches of 8-9% grade. At Tambre it seems to level out, then over to Spert and a long downhill into Val Perosa. The worst stretch of the climb is coming out of this little valley- long stretch of 10% and a few hundred meters of 12-13%. After that it levels out at Campon around 1000 meters, and then the big meadows open up at Pianosteria and Piancansiglio. It's magnificent, with pastures surrounded by forests of fir and beech trees, and further out, the mountains.

Then a long easy climb above the meadows through the forest to La Crosetta, 1127 meters ( see previous visit in March ). From here it's a long curvy descent to Sarone. The road is nice and smooth until Giardino, then gets gradually rougher. Still not bad. After Sarone I did the remaining climbs up the hills to home, and then I was very tired.

Lago Santa Croce from Sella di Fadalto

Across Lago Santa Croce toward Belluno

Looking north from Lago Santa Croce

Meadows near Pianosteria

Looking north from il cansiglio

Monte Pizzoc 1536 meters- add to 2010 goals


Ride profile

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