Friday, March 24, 2017

Marano Lagunare (attempted)

The sun is rising earlier and the temps are warmer so I decided to try a ride to the Adriatico, specifically Laguna di Marano, east of Lignano.  It's a favorite with migratory birds vacationing for the summer in Europe.  

The ride was going great until Google maps sent me down a deep muddy path near San Lorenzo.  I ended up doing a loop to get back on track.  Then at San Vito between my cue sheet, iPhone and Garmin I still got lost.  I need to get some bifocal Oakleys, because each stop takes 5 minutes to get my glasses from their case then store them again.   

Anyway by the time I got lost a third time (how is it possible to not see something as huge as the Tagliamento bridge at Madrisio?) I was way behind schedule now so I turned around at  San Mauro.  One more time I got lost at San Paolo; after that I was impeccable.  The Garmin Oregon died at San Paolo so you could roughly double the distance indicated.  Coming home I rode a slightly different route through Rauscedo, Vivaro, Dandolo and Vajont.  Excellent workout, I'm exhausted.

San Vito tower

Signs showing MTB paths along the levies. 

Make that 170 km

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