Thursday, March 16, 2017

Collalto - Barcis

Today I'm riding the second closest climb to our house:  the road from Costa past Madonna della Monte to Rifugio Bornass.  Starts out steep (via crucis shares the route), then goes over a berm to block cars, and then crosses Torrente Ossena, which is still washed out but they've widened the remaining dirt path to a meter- no more hopping off and carrying your bike.  

From here it's long lovely switchbacks through woods and later open alpine grass slopes.  At Bornass you join the road coming up from Pedemonte at Aviano and slog steeply upward.  Finally you reach the antenna farm at Castaldia, where I elected to take the backroad to Collalto.  There is still about a km of snowed-over road near the top, but I decided to walk it.  

After Collalto I decided to try the road down to Barcis.  It's mostly cleared, but go slow because there are some remaining snowy stretches, rockfalls etc.  From Barcis an easy ride home.  Fun!  

Collalto still a little snowy

Mountains surrounding Piancavallo

Snowy stretches on road to Barcis

Mountains above the Barcis road

Lago di Barcis

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