Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Buti - Monte Serra

A couple of years ago I climbed Monte Serra via Calci but subsequently have read the climb up the other side is much harder.  Today I left our room and rode via SS67 bis to the far side of the mountain and began the ascent.  A big bunch of young riders soon passed me, a mix of club and team members, male and female.  This is warming to see because they have so much more enthusiasm and energy than the usual old geezers.

They were soon long gone and the silent forest was my only companion.  This route seems less populated and more peaceful.  It was a good challenge but I can't remember how difficult the Calci side was to make a comparison. At the antenna farm the road ends and I headed down.  I was luckier and didn't get lost on the ride home this time.  If you're ever in the area definitely try this climb.

Vicopisano castle near Buti

View toward Calci on descent

Olive groves and vineyards in foothills

Ruin atop pinnacle near Calci

The climb from Buti

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