Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ciclovia del Fiume Sile

I heard of the ciclovia connecting Treviso with the lagoon of Venezia from my neighbor.  I drove to  Treviso Sud exit on the autostrada and parked at a shopping center.  Lots of cyclists were heading in various directions so I decided to head southeast and just wing it.  I arrived in Roncade  and was surprised by the great castle.  Really worth a visit just to see that. 

I continued again to the southeast and rode through Quarto d'Altino.  Went a bit astray and ended up further south than I wanted at San Liberale.  I headed a bit northwest and soon was in Portegrandi, where the ciclovia ends (or in my backwards case, begins).  I rode a few km along the shore of the lagoon and it really is enormous.  When you visit Venice you just see a fraction of the miles of shallow water surrounding it.

Finally I headed up the ciclovia and was immediately filled with joy.  It is an old tow path maybe 2 horses wide, atop a levy to control flooding.  The path itself is well-packed strada bianca; I never had any problems with traction or sliding on curves (this with 28mm slick tires).  This time of year, even on a Sunday, there was no problem with overcrowding.  Really a pleasant ride.  

I'll try to return and ride Fiume Sile's bikeway to the northwest this summer.   It appears to continue to Castelfranco Veneto and connects to more paths beyond.   

Castello di Roncade

The carriage house

Branch off the main lagoon at Le Trezze

View of lagoon toward Jesolo

Beautiful levies of Fiume Sile

The bikepath through Quarto d'Altino

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