Saturday, March 18, 2017

Castello di Maniago climb

The climb to Castello di Maniago is about 10 km from our house.  You cross Ravedis and then turn left at Maniago Libero.  Shortly after turn left onto Via Montello.  This climb is steep and just keeps on going up.  On a MTB you can go up to Mont Jouf on an adjacent dirt road.  I turned back downhill and stopped to take some pictures.  A very sweet lady who was Nordic walking stopped and asked if I wanted a picture.  She took several and mentioned she was originally from Australia.  

From Maniago I rode up through Forra di Colvera to near Poffabro and then down Val di Muie. Below Navarons I crossed the Meduna  and rode along the shore of Lago Redona to the turn off for Campone.  Very peaceful ride and then climb to Piani di Clazettto.  After descending to Pradis di Sotto I rode to Clauzetto then home.  Quite tired, I think I need to always bring bottles of gatorade.  Some mornings I blow it off then pay the price.

Castello di Maniago

Fedaia posing with me as a prop

Not sure what the lady said to crack me up

Short but look at that crazy VAM (gotta be wrong)  

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