Sunday, November 20, 2016

Monte Ragogna

The rain stopped and I rode to Monte Ragogna on the banks of the Tagliamento.  I ascended from the south, which is the gentler approach but still plenty steep.  After descending and crosing the Tagliamento at Cornino I was surprised to see a very steep concrete ramp through the forest to the upper fraction of Cornino.  Hard to keep the rear wheel from spinning on the wet leaves and muck but I made it.  From here a cliffside road takes you to Forgaria.  Beautiful ride. 

Tagliamento looking north from Ragogna bridge

South toward the Adriatico

Ragogna castello

Castello from higher up

Chiesetta San Giovanni  

Statue near cemetery

Monte Ragogna from Cornino bridge

Waterfall on climb to upper Cornino

Torrente Arzino at Fagogna bridge

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