Saturday, November 12, 2016

Navarons - Forra Colvera

Sun popped out so I took my Legend Fedaia for a spin.  Wanted to checkout how she felt with 28mm tires (again) and an 11-32 cassette.  Also finally replaced front disc pads, which never seemed right since the fluid all leaked out on them in Slovenia.   Solid now.

Anyway this ride is a local favorite, though usually I ride it clockwise.  Seemed all new going the opposite way.

Monte Ciaurlec from Navarons

Frane (landslip) closed the road to traffic  

Monte Raut toward northwest

Monte Raut and Rodolino

Forra della Colvera suncatcher.
Note the lovely new steel handrails,
 which continue for 1.5 km along
the forra until the end of second tunnel

Surprise!  A bike/pedestrian overpass!  No more jumping
off your bike, running across the road dodging cars

The overpass joins palestra di roccia road
just before the second tunnel

32 tooth cog for my decrepit legs

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