Saturday, November 19, 2016

Rain day

A couple of months ago I installed an 11-32 cassette on my Viner Maxima and have been riding it without any problems.  But a couple of times I've unintentionally shifted into the 50-32 gear, which jams up the short chain I've been running.  So far I've been lucky and not sheared anything off  but I'd hate to damage this wonderful frame.  So in today's rainy doldrums I experimented first with a too-long chain (worse), then with a Campy Potenza medium cage derailleur (very flimsy-feeling) and finally by dialing in the chain length with some KMC Missing Links.  I tried one length, took out a link, tried again, took out another link till I finally got the best compromise.  Now if I absent-mindedly shift into big-big gear no carbon frame destruction.  

Not pretty, but better than the consequences

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