Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Podbela Napoleon Bridge

This is my third attempt on this ride.  The weather was perfect when I left at 0530 and before long I reached San Daniele.  This starts a long stretch of saliscendi along the foothill towns.  At Faedis begins the long ascent to Bocchetta San Antonio.   Then you descend to the Slovenian border at Robidische, where the plummet to Torrente Natisone starts.  Along the deserted road a stone bridge suddenly appeared and I hopped off to explore.  It's a lovely area and very shady even on this sunny day.

The ascent back to San Antonio was tough but I survived.  Then the long descent to Faedis, featured in the Giro d'Italia 6 weeks ago.  Ride home was long but not unpleasant.  Perfect day for a long ride.

World War I memorial at Ragogna

View south from San Antonio

View north of Julian Alps

Napoleon Bridge over Fiume Natisone

Another angle

Climb from Faedis to San Antonio

Climb from Napoleon Bridge to San Antonio

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