Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lago di Verzegnis

Today I rode up Strada di Bottecchia to Lago di Cavazzo and then continued northwest to the start of Sella Chianzutan climb  About half way up I turned on a road marked Lago di Verzegnis.  It's a beautiful turquoise lake surrounded by forested mountains.  After crossing a bridge the road forks and  I chose the one marked 12%.  This turned out to be the average gradient, not max.

Eventually I reached the junction with the main climb. After the sella I headed down to Val d'Arzino with spots of light rain.  At Anduins I turned west and traversed to Clauzetto.  On the descent I hit a pot hole and flatted.  The Zonda front rim was easy to change tubes: not sure about the rear because the sides are taller.  Had a brief rain shower at Grizzo.  Very tired when I got home.
The bridge across the lake.,

Lake view to east

Not Mt Etna;  Cuel di Spirual

Even more volcano-looking

Hmm, think I'll go left

Village above the lake

The deadly climb out of Lago di Verzegnis 

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