Thursday, June 30, 2016

Alpe Adria Ciclovia

I rode up Strada di Bottecchia from Pinzano to Gemona then continued on SS13 up to Pontebba.  Almost all the through traffic uses the autostrada so the wide smooth roadway of SS13 is great for cyclists.  Today I was looking for something else though:  the recently completed section of Ciclovia Alpe Adria from Pontebbe to Moggio.  Just before you enter Pontebba on your left is a cemetery and chapel on a hill.  Arriving there you continue following the signs (including a very steep ramp in the high teens).  Soon  you begin encountering tunnels, lit for cyclists by solar arrays near each tunnel entrance.  The construction is to very high standard: asphalt is smooth, the numerous bridges are very tight metal grid deck so smooth I never even noticed with 23mm tires.  Heading south is slightly downhill so very easy even for folks with touring bikes, MTB, families with kids on their little bikes.  The scenery is spectacular.

At Resiutta (across the river from Moggio) the bikeway ended where they are constructing the next section.  I rode SS13 down to Venzone where I noticed another new section of the path at least to Gemona (may go even further).   And I still need to do the section from Pontebba to Tarvisio.  Maybe one day I'll complete the Austrian section to Salzburg.

Mountains above Resiutta

View west toward Val Aupa

Start of ciclovia south from Pontebba

Left: Gorge of Fiume Fella
Center: SS13 highway
Right: Bike path on roadbed of old Austrian railroad to Trieste

Crossing Fiume Fella on old railroad bridge

3 tunnels in a row.  So many I lost  count

4-decker waterfall on side of gorge

Yet another of numerous cascades


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  2. Ciao sono Dario di Vivaro e mi associo ai complimenti x il tuo blog : continua a raccontare le tue bellissime uscite in bici... Ciao